Raphy Elgrissy was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1945. As a young teenager he was attending the Ort institute and studied the arts. When he was 16 he got into a fight that changed his life. The adrenalin felt too natural and he was drawn into the ring, He started boxing that year and built a name for himself in the community as a tough but respectful fighter.  A year later when the first wave of the Antisemitic attacks begun, the entire Jewish community's was threatened and the lives of thousands were in stake. Mr Elgrissy was spotted at the local boxing club as a tough and talented young guy. He was recruited by "The Jewish Agency" to organize and prep large groups of Jews and prepare them to be smuggled through the dangerous borders of morocco to the land of Israel. For almost 8 months he was risking his life with forged identities and different passports crossing the borders again and again until they completed the migration. By the end of that year he was reunited with his family in Israel and joined the IDF. Mr Elgrissy was black listed by the Moroccan government for years until peace was established between Israel and  Morocco.

Mr Elgrissy reunited with his gloves and joined a Boxing club in Natanya Israel. By 1964 he was first introduced to IMI Lichtenfeld  (founder of Krav Maga) in an Army training facility (Wingate) IMI then was the Chief instructor of physical fitness and hand to hand combat- HAGANH ATZMIT (self defense) in the IDF (TZAHAL) IMI and Raphy clicked immediately and developed a strong relationship outside the IDF.at that time IMI was residing in Natanya and so as Mr Elgrissy which made it very natural for them to train together beyond the borders of the military structured training program, Raphy became one of the leading instructors in his small upcoming training center and a very close friend.
IMI believed in the power of mixing martial arts with his own style and would expose his students to a different fighting styles and technics whenever he could, Knifes, grapplings, ground work ,Judo, Aikido and more…

IMI believed that the more styles you master, the better your Krav Maga will become.
One of the most prominent styles Mr elgrissy has taken with him was AIKIDO, Raphy trained with a Scottish instructor for over a year earning his 3rd Black Belt (Judo, KM, Aikido)

Mr Elgrissy' first Dojo was established in 1967 in Natanya Israel, Raphy taught  Judo, Krav Maga and incorporated his own style of training that established his name along the years. Raphy holds more than 10 instructor certificates such as Judo Instructor, Gym operator , Krav Maga Instructor/Trainer and more .
In 1998 Raphy was honored with the 5th DAN from his Teacher and mentor IMI right before he passed away.

In 1977 Mr Elgrissy privately trained an American business man named Danny Abrahami. Danny was fascinated by the art and efficiency of his style and decided he would like to put some money into Raphy's Business, a strong friendship was established and after almost a year of training Mr Elgrissy introduced him to his teacher with hopes for advice.

Weeks Later IMI was introduced to Mr Abrahami and after several hours they agreed on an investment opportunity. In 1978 the first Krav Maga Association was established.

In 1979 A group of six instructors were chosen to represent the Krav Maga in A US demonstration Tour for the Jewish Community Center of America, 12 cities in 45 days. Raphy was amongst those six that showed the free world for the first time the power of the young but highly efficient new Fight form.

For more than 40 years thousands of students received training and had the opportunity to gain access to un paralleled experience and knowledge from special forces groups in the Israeli defense forces (IDF) to every respectful law enforcement organization around the globe. As a civilian Raphy kept a solid amount of trainees along the years and certified a few of the Leading instructors in the Krav Maga industry.

Amongst his students Are:

Gabby Noach(white through brown belt) -
Eli Lipstain(white through brown belt)-
Haim Gidon (Brown Belt)-
Michael Abikasis(white through brown belt)-
Richard Doeyev - (white through brown belt)-
Alain Cohen - (Black belt 5Dan)-
Phillipe Cohen - (Black belt 5Dan)-
Eitzik Bitton-(white through brown belt) and many more..

Raphy was granted the highest entry pass to all high Security Military and
Police facilities In Israel and a board and trained the best of the best in those countries.
After IMI's passing away in 1998 Raphy kept away from the politics
raised within the KRAV MAGA Association and kept spreading his knowledge
and style around the globe.
Mr Elgrissy is currently holding one of the highest
ranks in the Industry a Master Degree (red and white belt) (6dan)
And continues training around the Globe.

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